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Non Artist · United States

  • We've got Jeff R., COO of SnapNurse with us today.

  • Well, thanks for having me, Harry, and I really wanna say thank you for everything you did for our company. I got a chance to get a demonstration of a product called Intercom and got really excited around the onboarding, the marketing and onboarding, attracting nurses into our platform. And of course, in our company, there wasn't anyone who was capable of that. And so grateful that we got connected to you and your expertise, you know, as an expert using Intercom and installing it and knowing all the pain points of a company that's trying to put it in place and capture the maximum benefit of what that tool can do. So you certainly, you got it up and running, which really kept the funnel going 24-seven, essentially. And it did increase the number of leads that we were onboarding. And so it had a fantastic effect from a business standpoint. So it was an enabler of something that took, where we're getting a great response, and had that immediacy of communication through the bot and allowing us to push them through the funnel get them, for us that was being fully credentialed. So it probably elevated around 20% increase of nurses we were able to get through that funnel. I'm gonna go outside of Intercom now and brag about you. So we had a serious business disruption that I'm not gonna specify that occurred and required an immediate and creative solution that none of us had an easy answer for. And when we shared it with you, you came up with a Chrome extension that facilitated a process that would've otherwise taken possibly weeks to carry out. And you did it in a matter of days. So in the middle of a moment of disruption that you came through with a solution that was never anticipated, you're always looking for the ways in which the business isn't running at the highest possible level of optimization efficiency and just coming to the table with solutions every time I can find a new problem, so absolutely.

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