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Jeff R.

  • All right. So we've got Jeff R. COO of SnapNurse with us today. Jeff, I want to just pass it over to you. Tell us a little bit about what SnapNurse is, and we'll just start it off with that.

  • Sure, well thanks for having me, Harry, and I really want to say thank you for everything you did for our company. So, SnapNurse is an online booking platform that connects nurses with facilities to enable them to book a nurse in a snap, basically. It's been compared to an Uber for nurses that reduces the overhead of any agency and enables the use of technology to connect the facility managers who need a nurse, either for short-term or long-term needs with a giant pool of nurses who then receive a shift requests and can accept that, use the calendar, have them create a time card, get paid in the same day. So it's all about using technology in every step of the way for contingency labor in healthcare and optimizing that experience and reducing the cost.

  • That's awesome. So tell me a little bit about what were you guys doing before we engaged, and kind of why you reached out and why you wanted our help. Was there a specific problem in mind in your business in SnapNurse?

  • Yes, absolutely. So, one is, I got a chance to get a demonstration of a product called Intercom, and got really excited around the onboarding, the marketing and onboarding, attracting nurses into our platform. So prior to meeting with you, Harry, and even finding out about Intercom, we were using another tool that was basically funneling nurses into us, and we were putting them into an Excel spreadsheet, basically, database, and then sending out manually, texts and emails. We were using MailChimp to some degree, so we had some automation of the way messaging was going out when nurses first came through, and a little bit of a follow-up campaign, but knew that when I discovered Intercom that there had to be, and there is, a better way to engage and attract nurses into our funnel essentially, and then help message them and move them through that and Intercom is much better tool for doing that, and of course, in our company there wasn't anyone who was capable of that, and so grateful that we got connected to you and your expertise. You know, as an expert using Intercom and installing it and knowing all the pain points of a company that's trying to put it in place, and capture the maximum benefit of what that tool can do. So you certainly, you got it up and running, you put in the bot component of it, which had an immediate effect for us. We had workers who were working through the weekend, and especially after hours, who it was costing us a lot of overtime, for one, and it allowed for some downtime. And really disciplined messaging, because obviously the bots only going to communicate what you tell it to, which really kept the funnel going 24/7 essentially. And it did increase the number of leads that we were onboarding. And so it had a fantastic effect from a business standpoint.

  • Yeah, that's awesome. So, you know, can you speak a little bit more, maybe to the business results, do you have a sense of like how many nurses were on the platform maybe, you know, two months ago and how many nurses we have on the platform now, has there been any sort of lift or at least have we been able to move more nurses through the funnel and through the credentialing process?

  • Absolutely. So a little bit of both. But we had a high percentage of nurses attracted to the site and who were using the initial tool that was getting us their information. What we did is probably got a 20%, roughly 20% increase in the number of nurses who went from, "hey, I'm interested in this," to actually beginning to move through the funnel and enabling us to then capture them and get them across the finish line. So it was an enabler of something that took a, where we're getting a great response and had that immediacy of communication through the bot, and allowing us to push them through the funnel, for us that was being fully credentialed. So it probably elevated around 20% increase of nurses we were able to get through that funnel.

  • That's awesome. That's awesome. What else, is there anything else you want to add on that, on any of those pieces?

  • I do. Well, I'm going to go outside of Intercom now and brag about you. So we had a serious business disruption, that I'm not going to specify, that occurred and required an immediate and creative solution that none of us had an easy answer for. And when we shared it with you, you came up with a Chrome extension that facilitated a process that would have otherwise taken possibly weeks to carry out, and you did it in a matter of days. So that, although I will always be grateful that we installed Intercom, and I did, I forgot to mention that you did it across three different websites and, you know, customize the messaging for each of them, which is great, but that in the middle of a moment of disruption that you came through with a solution that was never anticipated, or we that we'd need to ask for that, and it's something that looked like you'd already done before, but there was some custom coding on the spot to make it happen, and it delivered a solution so quickly that we couldn't have done otherwise.

  • Well, I'm happy to do that. And I think it just goes to, like what we can do at CanvoPanda is not only do we set up Intercom and the campaigns, but if there are certain points of integration, or other third party tools, whether they have APIs or not, we can help basically make sure that your systems are talking, your existing systems are talking to Intercom or any other marketing automation that was set up for you. Yeah, so I guess my last question is like, would you hire me again? Would you work with us again in the future?

  • Absolutely. If I had the budget, which I hope to have in the next 6-12 months, I would hire you full-time and find all kinds of ways, because I think that those skill sets outside of Intercom is you're an optimizer. You're always looking for the ways in which the business isn't running at the highest possible level of optimization efficiency, and then finding the tools, whether that's, you know, some third-party software that I've never heard of, many of which you suggested along the way, and have offered, the mixed panel one for, you know, quantifying and analytics, and just coming to the table with solutions, every time I can find a new problem. So, absolutely.

  • That's awesome Jeff. Well, thanks so much and I had a great time working with you guys, really cool to see the results, getting that 20% lift in the nurses on the platform, that's awesome, and yeah, just can't wait to see how SnapNurse evolves and grows from here.

  • Sounds great. Thank you so much Harry.

  • All right. Awesome.

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