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Frequently asked questions

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What types of artists does Unstarving Artists work with?
We work with both professional and rookie artists. Professionals are artists who earn their living from their work but aspire to make an even better living. Rookies are artists who have a stable income from other sources and have sold multiple pieces of their work. While their art may feel like a side hustle, they believe it could be more.
Will Unstarving Artists work for my specific art medium?
Unstarving Artists can work for any art medium, including photography, quilt making, digital art, and more. If you're open to selling pieces for $1,000+ and have seen others in your medium achieve this, the program can work for artists like you. Following the recommended steps and being eager to sell at this price point are key to having a great experience.
Do I need to be a full-time artist to have success with Unstarving Artists?
No, you don't. When you join Unstarving Artists, you'll find a mix of part-time and full-time artists growing their art practices. The program allows you to progress at your own pace so even if something comes up and you need to pause for a while, you can pick up right where you left off, and we'll be happy to support you.
Do I need to have an art degree, MFA, etc., to have success with Unstarving Artists?
No, not at all. When you join Unstarving Artists, you will find plenty of artists with no formal training or higher education in art. Often these artists do well and do well quite quickly. They come in open-minded without getting confused by theories or bad habits from the old ways they were taught to do things.
I have an art degree. Can Unstarving Artists still work for me?
Absolutely. When you join Unstarving Artists, you will find plenty of artists with formal training and higher education in art. Often these artists do well and do well quite quickly. They come in confidently, believing in themselves and the value of their work, which often leads to their conversations with collectors more quickly turning into sales.
Do I need to have art world connections, gallery representation, etc., to have success with Unstarving Artists?
No, not at all. Many artists who join Unstarving Artists have not been featured in galleries, exhibits, or publications. Nevertheless, they successfully sell their artwork at high rates by connecting directly with collectors in their niche.
I have gallery representation. Can Unstarving Artists still work for me?
Definitely. Many artists in Unstarving Artists have gallery relationships. These artists often maintain their gallery representation while choosing to work with fewer, higher-quality galleries. Moreover, they frequently secure more favorable commission splits with their galleries moving forward.
Do I need a portfolio of work when starting out?
Absolutely not. Most people who ask this question have experience applying to art schools or galleries, where a large portfolio of work is expected. However, prospective collectors are less concerned about seeing 12 to 15 pieces that demonstrate your range of skills and expertise. Instead, they want to know, like, and trust you as a person and as an artist. They want to feel like you can meet their needs through an original or commission. So, don't worry if you have little or no portfolio when starting out. We offer a specific training called the No Portfolio Kickstarter to help you in this situation.
How much time per week do I need to spend to see progress?
With any meaningful project, the more time and effort you invest, the faster and greater results you will typically achieve. However, even if you can only dedicate a couple of hours per week, like 30 minutes a day, 3 to 4 times a week, or 3 to 4 hours each weekend, you can still make solid, steady progress in the program. What matters most is taking one step at a time, maintaining steady, consistent progress, and striving to improve each week compared to the previous one. By doing so, you will be amazed at the significant progress you achieve in 3 months, 6 months, and beyond.
How does The Academy program work and why use it over other ways to grow your art practice?
The Academy is an 8 module online training program with live Q&A calls and a community of semi-professional and professional artists. It shows you how to start a profitable art practice from scratch and grow it to 6-figures. It is the simplest, clearest, most effective way for people to become successful artists.
How can Unstarving Artists help me price my work and why use this approach over other methods?
Earning more from your work is all about increasing the perceived value of what you do. If you'd prefer to be able to sell fewer pieces at higher prices to better collectors, rather than trying to sell a TON of pieces for $150 or less, then you will love our approach.
How can Unstarving Artists help me find leads and why use this approach over other methods?
Finding leads is all about having a predictable way to get in touch with your target market and knowing how to get them open and interested in learning more about your work. If you'd prefer to connect directly and predictably with deep-pocketed collectors, rather than hoping the often unpredictable galleries, agents, or social media platforms will bless you with leads, then you will love our approach.
How can Unstarving Artists help me make more sales and why use this approach over other methods?
Making more sales is all about having an intentional systematic approach to your conversations with collectors. If you'd prefer to speak with warm friendly collectors who are highly educated in you and your work, rather than standoffish uninterested strangers looking for a fast exit from the conversation, then you will love our approach.
Why join Unstarving Artists instead of getting an art degree?
The traditional education system is flawed. Due to various factors, traditional degrees are becoming less effective at preparing people for careers in their chosen fields. Meanwhile, costs are skyrocketing, with the average net cost of attending art school at $42,000. If you prefer a real-world, results-focused, accessible, and affordable program, our approach will resonate with you.
Why join Unstarving Artists instead of securing gallery representation?
You can actually do both. We appreciate the gallery ecosystem, and many of our artists work with galleries. Joining Unstarving Artists can boost your sales, giving you the confidence to wind down underperforming galleries and secure more favorable commission splits with the galleries you retain.
Do I need to be a tech whiz to have success with Unstarving Artists?
No, you don't. Whether you're 18 years old or 82 years young joining The Academy, there are people with similar backgrounds experiencing success in the program. We've simplified the tech as much as possible and removed anything non-essential. For example, as you progress through The Academy, you'll notice we never discuss setting up a website. That's because you don't need a website to succeed online today. Why? Your Instagram can serve as a website for you, and it's much easier to manage.

What Makes Us Different

Why Is The Academy Better Than Other Programs On The Market?

Rather than hear from us why we're different, check out our Reviews.

At Unstarving Artists we build our business by delivering superior results, not by trashing our competitors. Simply put, The Academy is unlike any other training program on the market and we take a completely different approach to helping our artists build profitable art practices. It would be like comparing a rocketship to a scooter.

Here is what we suggest

#1: PLEASE go try our "competitors" and run our methods head to head with theirs. Unlike our competitors, we have a 90-day action-based guarantee* BECAUSE we know our program delivers superior results. If you put in the work, we are 100% positive you will see not only better results, but also better client support, easier-to-use training, and far more specialized examples for artists.

#2: Go check out our Reviews HERE and watch literally dozens and dozens of in-depth interviews with artists and past clients of ours. Hear them share firsthand about their experiences working with Harry and Unstarving Artists vs. other things they've tried in the past. There is a reason people constantly leave other programs to become Unstarving Artists clients for life. Our clients are quite vocal about why they love us and our programs.

*For more on how to qualify, visit our terms.

More frequently asked questions

Do I need to budget for hard costs (software, tools, ad spend, etc.) to have success with Unstarving Artists?
Not at all. When you join Unstarving Artists, you can start making sales without investing in any software, tools, or ad spend. Once you start experiencing success, there are optional tools you can invest in. However, any optional fees are nominal, and we often secure deep discounts for our students.
Do I need to have a big social media following to have success with Unstarving Artists?
No, you don't. When you join Unstarving Artists, you will find many artists just starting on social media. Our approach doesn't require building a large following before making sales. You can make sales right away while growing your following simultaneously.
What is a studio tour, and will I be able to do them?
A studio tour is simply a conversation with a prospective collector. It's just a conversation structured to increase the likelihood of making a sale. Don't worry—you don't need an art studio or a dedicated workspace for your art. People have success conducting tours from their living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, and more. Regardless of your situation or comfort level with conversations, you will be able to have successful studio tours when you reach that point in the process.
What is an art topic, and do I have to use the art topic you all pick for me?
Your art topic is what your art will be about. It doesn't necessarily have to be the subject matter of your work—it can be symbolic or figurative in some cases. Every artist is different, and we work with you to clarify an art topic that you're happy with and has good commercial potential. We can recommend an art topic for you, but you don't have to use it. Your art topic is ultimately your decision.
What kind of support can I receive?
In The Academy, you will receive 1-on-1 coaching calls, weekly small group Q&A calls, and unlimited support in the community from the Unstarving Artists team and your peers who are often a few steps ahead of you. We encourage you to use all the support resources we provide as much as possible when you need help, want to share updates, or celebrate wins.
What is an Online Art Booth on Instagram?
If you've been searching the internet for official Instagram blog posts or support articles on setting up an Online Art Booth, you won't find them because it's our special method of customizing your Instagram profile for success. The Academy explains exactly how to do this and provides examples from artists in the community and from those outside the community as well.
Should I create a new Instagram account?
If you don't have an Instagram account yet, then yes, you should create a new one. If you've purchased followers in the past, a few hundred or thousand followers that are mostly bots or people who don't engage with your content, you should also create a new Instagram account. You can consider that account tainted. It doesn't mean you have to delete the account; it just means we want to start with a clean slate in that scenario. However, in most other cases, if you have an existing account for personal use or for your art, you don't need to create a new one. We'll simply edit and use that one going forward.
How is Unstarving Artists different from working with a gallery or an art agent?
Galleries and art agents take a large commission, often 20% - 50%, to sell your work for you. In our case, we teach you how to sell your artwork and you make an investment upfront in our program to get our help. Rather than give you fish, and make you dependent on us, we teach you how to fish, so that you can be more independent and fish for life.
Are there any other ways working with Unstarving Artists differs from working with a gallery or an art agent?
Yes. Galleries and art agents usually represent multiple artists. As a result, they have less incentive to ensure your work sells instead of another of their artists' works. With Unstarving Artists, we have a special incentive to ensure each of our artists sells their work. The more our artists see success, the more other artists want to work with us and the easier it is to grow our business.
This is helpful. What else? Any more differences come to mind?
Come to think of it, yes. Galleries and art agents typically do not disclose the identities of buyers which makes it hard to know which collectors resonate with your work and why. With Unstarving Artists, you will connect directly with collectors and will own the relationship. This makes it wildly easier to increase your sales and take your art practice in all the right directions.
Tell me more? Any final differences that are important to mention?
Sure. Galleries and art agents often come from the traditional art world. They typically do not have cutting-edge sales or marketing training. At Unstarving Artists, none of us have worked at Sotheby's, Christie's, or the New York Met. Our background is in online marketing and sales. While we don't have fancy credentials, we do have a track record of artist results. Lots of results.
I'm a gallery owner or agent representing artists. Can I bring on my artists and get commissions?
We are EXTREMELY picky with who we let share our brand and represent us. We do have a waitlist for a CERTIFIED partner program and plan to allow galleries and agents to get commissions for referring artists. Please email if you are interested in being added to the waitlist.
When I join Unstarving Artists, do you take commissions on my art sales?
After 12 months of being in The Academy, you will pay us a small one time 5% commission on your art sales made with your Online Art Booth. After that, you still retain access to the program but you won’t pay us any commissions on your art sales so you can pocket 100% of the fruits of your labor. Enjoy!
When I join Unstarving Artists, what exactly do I get?
When you join Unstarving Artists, you will get access to training videos, tools, live Q&A calls and a client community. You will be in the perfect environment and equipped with the right tools that will allow you to finally focus and take action to earn more from your artwork and change your life.
When I join Unstarving Artists, what kind of support do I receive?
When you join Unstarving Artists, you will get access to multi 6-figure art market experts who work closely with you to help you see results. This happens by answering your questions on live Q&A calls as well as in the client community. You just have to ask, and we will be there to help.
When I join Unstarving Artists, how fast can I start to see results?
When you join Unstarving Artists, come on a live Q&A call right away to share where you are at and what your specific goals are. We can then tailor things to your situation so that you can see results as quickly as possible. Every client is different but some artists do see sales in their first month.
When I join Unstarving Artists, will I get the latest updates?
Absolutely. When you join Unstarving Artists, you will get access to the latest resources we have to make it easier to earn more from your artwork. We are constantly releasing improvements as we get feedback from clients and as the art market evolves. You will get access to these updates as we release them.
When I join Unstarving Artists, what happens next?
When you join Unstarving Artists, you will immediately get access to the training portal, the client community, and the live Q&A calls. The first training video will welcome you and orient you. Then, make sure to join the next upcoming Q&A call so you can introduce yourself, say hello, and get tailored help right away.
This sounds like exactly what I've been looking for. How do I get started?
Awesome, so glad to hear you are interested in joining us. First, click the "See How It Works" button below to watch an in-depth free training on our approach.
What's your refund policy?
Your investment is 100% risk-free provided that you take the action outlined in our action-based guarantee (see terms). Your effort must be a good faith honest attempt to apply the program over 180 days. If you take the action that we ask you to take and have not made progress in growing your art practice, we will happily refund your full payment.

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