Student ReviewAndrés Bustamante

Contemporary Sculpture · United States

  • Hey, everyone, Harry here. Today I have Andrés Bustamante with me, and we're gonna be talking about how Andres made about $4,000 in sales with his contemporary sculpture.

  • I am one of Harry Whelchel's students. I'm in his Mastermind. And before getting in his Mastermind, I was really making inconsistent sales, and did not really have a process of marketing and selling my work. But now after taking some of Harry's courses and classes, I've been able to learn and have a little more clarity on my message, and who my collectors are, and how I can reach to them, and what my essence of my work is. And so I'm having a lot more clarity, and I've been able to scale my business more on a consistent basis, to between 3 to $5,000 a month in art sales. So, thank you, Harry. And if you are on the fence in joining the program, I would say join it. The support is wonderful, Harry is great, the materials are awesome, and I definitely recommend Harry's program. Thank you.

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