Student ReviewAndrés B.

Contemporary Sculpture · United States

  • Hey everyone, Harry here. Today I have Andrés B. with me. And we're gonna be talking about how Andrés made about $4,000 in sales with his contemporary sculpture.

  • I wasn't necessarily thinking very directly about my collectors and what kind of personality, what kind of things, were driving my collectors. So through working with Harry, getting on the group coaching calls, listening to the different trainings and courses and the material, I've been able to to hone in and really think about what kind of collector comes to one of my exhibits, comes to my studio, sees a piece of work, and what do they feel? How do they feel? What do they want to experience? So really helping me honing down my message and my target audience. My sales process before was just a little bit more random and more just on a whim. Now, I feel that it's becoming more systemized, which is what I need is to find a system that really, that I can really connect with. I had the coaching call with Harry and I just felt the confidence to name my price without really backing down, without feeling, like, the whole imposter syndrome. One of the wins is I'm installing this 14 foot by eight and a half foot mural. It's all sculptural, 3D, and this is actually what I've been working on all morning today, but that's another win. That's a $6,500 commission. I think the return investment is high. It's just having a very solid offer, art offer, and consistent leads.

  • Yep.

  • And a sales process. Maybe you've made sales here and there, you've gone from selling your art at art galleries that take a 50% commission, which is pretty high. You're at the place, the perfect spot, the sweet spot to get into a group of people that can then help you systemize what you've already built on. If you say, "Maybe I'll do it tomorrow," you probably won't. You'll forget. But if you start now, a year from now, you're gonna be like, "Wow, I'm so glad I started a year ago."

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