Student ReviewPatrick B.

Comics & Illustrations · United States

  • Hey, everybody, Harry here. Today I have Patrick B. with me, and we're gonna be talking about how Patrick made about $7,000 in sales in about four months, with his comics and illustrations.

  • You know, we worked together the other day, and just knowing that I have something I can do to improve my situation, to get more clients. I actually have steps that I can make, where before it was nebulous, like, "Well, I can meet more people," but no, this is how you do it. This is how you can talk to people. These are the words that you can use. And actually having a roadmap that you can actually take steps has always been very important to me, no matter what I was doing. After 30 days there was a difference. After two weeks, my wife said I talk different.

  • Really?

  • She said, "The way you speak about yourself." I was coming across more positive, more self-assured. I got my return on my investment as soon as I read, or listened to the first combo of the first few lessons. I don't remember the actual specifics, but even before the strategy call, I watched everything that you had online, and I showed one or two to my wife, and she just goes, "That's the guy. Yes. If that's what we're gonna be doing, Yeah. Go ahead and do that." Honestly, if I stopped being an artist tomorrow, I got my money's worth. Repeatable process in the first meeting, hearing that in the strategy session, that was a huge, huge, huge thing. Like, "Oh, so I can do this again and again. It's not just a one-time thing." I would think any artist is going to benefit. And I think, from what I understand, there are people who work with you that don't necessarily need to work with you, but they're benefiting still. You know what? Your course can help you be a better artist because you can actually work with your client better.

  • Right.

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