School Of Athens


The Unstarving Artists Mission

We believe the education and employment systems in today's world are fundamentally flawed and need fixing. The traditional path of school, college and corporate employment leaves people in debt, ill-equipped and lacking purpose.

Through Unstarving Artists our mission is to send the elevator back down and help everyday people start and grow wildly profitable art practices and live lives of freedom. Our students have made over $12,000,000. We're just getting started.

What Drives UsOur Core Values

Core values are the fundamental beliefs that we operates from at Unstarving Artists. These guiding principles ensure we're on the right path and achieving our mission.

  1. We believe that people are incredibly powerful and can live the lives of their dreams. The problem is nobody ever taught them how the world works and how incomes are made outside of employment.
  2. We believe that knowledge is power. The only gap between those who are rich and those who are poor is access to the right knowledge and having an effective mental paradigm to perceive the world.
  3. We believe that the traditional path of education is fundamentally flawed and breaking down more and more each year. We believe we're here on earth to offer a better way.
  4. We believe that we have the world's best training programs for helping everyday people start their own art practice, earn an income from their artwork, and take in hand the steering wheel of their own destiny.
  5. We believe in the pursuit of the objective truth, questioning the unquestioned, and holding nothing sacred.
  6. We believe less is more and that focus is extraordinarily powerful. In a world of information abundance, turning out the irrelevant noise is more and more important.

Our client success is our success

The way we get the word out about what we do is profoundly simple: get our clients life changing results and the rest will take care of itself.

At Unstarving Artists, you won't find any gurus or see photos of people posing in Lamborghinis or private jets. We believe our efforts are best served helping our clients and then letting their results speak for us. We'd love to see you be our next success story.

Our client success is our success.

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