Student ReviewOliver H.

Abstract · Switzerland

  • Hey everyone, Harry Whelchel here. Today. I have Oliver back. Oliver, Thanks for coming back to give a quick update. So tell me what are we celebrating today?

  • So we are celebrating that I made in a little bit more than 60 days, 27,400 Swiss Franks. So I got one big sale and I think then the momentum came. So I really started to get excited and started to feel how it feels like. And then I made a big, a big deal but it took a lot of courage to talk about the prices in this high, high level. And I, I just like used what I learned from you. And so in the end I closed the deal for 9,100 Swiss Franks Yeah. So this is really something that helped me immensely. You bringing me back to the focus and always says always saying what I needed to do. Like really simple stuff. Very simple, but you just need to know it. Otherwise you get so fast distracted. So all together I made 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 deals. Yeah. So it means a lot to me because now finally I feel like you know, this, the freedom that I wanted to have like doing my own thing, having my own schedule like also making as much money as I actually want to because now I am deciding how much I put in and how much I get out. So yeah, for me it means a lot and I'm super excited. Some people they give like, tips that you in the end, like you're more confused. You're not really sure what to do. And when I talk to you, it's super clear. So I definitely recommend it to everybody. Yeah. When you came, I was just like, come on. I mean, what, what do I wanna wait for? Right? I wanna get going. So if you wanna, if you wanna move forward and if you if you enough have enough from your old life from trying it alone from yeah. Always struggling on your own then you should definitely take action now. Yeah. Like having a coach who really knows how it works who can give you the exact steps, I, would say that's what you need. That's the, my number, number one advice. I'm still, I'm still trying to get better but it's already much better. And I see the, the, the fruits of it. I'm really like, I, I start to feel like entrepreneurs. Thank you so much, Harry.

  • All right, Bye.

  • Bye.

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