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Non Artist · United States

  • Hey everybody, Harry Whelchel here. Today I am back with Chaz M. Chaz, what are we catching up on today?

  • Just more progress revenue wise in month two and month three of working with him. The first month I was, I was sitting around 10 to 12k. This month, I'm I'm right underneath 60k but I'm probably not gonna reach it 'cause today's pretty much the last day of the month. It'll be anywhere between 50 to 58k for this one...

  • Yup.

  • it's pretty good, yeah. I didn't know it was possible. Even when I was, like my first month, when I made that big jump from 10k to 40k, I still had a lot of anxiety about the sales that I still didn't make. But now that I've been working with this program for a little, I think a little over three months now, I really have no anxiety and I really have zero attachment to whether or not someone, you know, who I thought would've been a good lead or they probably were a good lead, but they don't close. 'Cause there's so much you can do, you know, using what Harry teaches and stuff to either follow up with them later or there's always another prospect. I think some of the organic strategies that I learned with Harry and stuff, there's so many, because it's like a nice transition, basically we're pretty much, I'd say 95 to 100% of people welcome your advances to talk to them and stuff. And because of the way of how it's so flexible and there's so many variations and iterations that it can be made into, I think its lifespan's quite high and so that's also part of the reason why my anxiety's a lot less than what it used to be. It's getting to a point right now where I am enrolling a good amount of people every month now. And my success rate's probably within, most of the people I work with are actually getting, I'd say about 80% of them are getting a client in the first three to five weeks. The best way I would describe Harry's program would be, you know, social proof, organic-based marketing, which is kinda nice. That's at least a very strong element of it. I think it's important to definitely start being more proactive in investing in programs that are pretty legitimate because the market's sophistication is increasing much more rapidly than the amount of people trying to start a business. And so you need to have some next-level tactics to a certain extent as well. And if you don't, you know, you're simply gonna become, you're just gonna default to whatever the averages are.

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