Student ReviewChaz M.

Non Artist · United States

  • Hey everybody, Harry Whelchel here. Today I have Chaz M. We're gonna be talking about how Chaz went from about 10K a month to 40K a month in 30 days.

  • So I was very afraid of selling which is why I really adopted the recurring revenue. But basically, I would say even when I would attempt to make sales every now and then I'd probably close one out of every 25 people. So it was just incredibly inefficient. I was miserable. It got to a point actually where it's like for every new client I would take on, I'd lose a client, so I was actually always breaking even. But if I stopped selling, I'd actually start going backwards. So it was just, everything was bad. And then I think we just hopped in the chat because I think you just said, "Hey, let's hop in the chat. Just so, just hop in the chat." And next thing you know I'm in. So it's good. It was definitely the best decision I made. The biggest thing that peaked my interest was basically for every new client you convert, the way you were doing it, you developed it pretty well. My anxiety has gone down. I've been, I used to be incredibly anxious. I still am, but nothing like I was before. In terms of the biggest thing that changed for me though, it was mainly the price point for me, you know, I was able to charge more so that was the biggest thing. And I just think the confidence I had with that price and the ability to close people successfully. I literally closed, I think within my first three or four calls, like two or three people, so it was like hey, I have a new price point, double or triple what I was currently, so it was like crazy. I could see every step along the way how to make things work. So if you know your plan inside out, you just don't really get anxious anymore. Just, you know, things just happen. I had four or five sales calls both within a matter of, you know, a day, really. I was able to get basically two or three people in the first, I think, I can't remember if it's like five to eight days, you know, before that. And so it immediately overall I was able to get two split pace for all three, all three of those people I enrolled. And so within the first, like, I don't know, like five or seven days, I was pretty much at, I think that's at 16K-ish, right? And then the Monday, the starting third week working with you, that Monday I made my first 11K revenue day. It was crazy because that was actually pretty much what I was making a month for the most part previously. So I think at that moment I really started to become more relaxed and I think by doing that, I've actually been making more sales more fluidly. I actually have spent now, as of now, I have spent I think 30 to 40K in like coaching before you. But yeah, no, I'm definitely happy I started with you. You know, if they're watching this, I don't really see any reason why they shouldn't jump on this because the only thing that they're sort of waiting on is time. Like they're wasting this time by not investing. It's worth way more than any enrollment fee you would charge right now. Even if you only have a handful of hours to dedicate throughout the week, there's no reason why you can't make one or two high ticket sales a month using Harry's magic.

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