Student ReviewVince H.

Non Artist · United Kingdom

  • Hey everyone, Harry Whelchel here today. I have Vince H. with me. We're gonna be talking about how Vince got his first client in about three months helping data scientists with their careers.

  • Yeah so, I've always kinda wanted to start my own company. I wasn't really sure. I was thinking, "Is this really what I wanna be doing?" And then I talked to you, and you said, "Why not do basically career coaching? Teach the soft skills, because there's not really a lot of that going around." And also there's the problem of starting up. So it's like, "Why don't I go to someone who's really established?" And then I saw your interviews with people with your clients that you've really helped, and it just seemed to really work for me. I thought, "Yeah, that's what I need. I need someone to coach me one on one," and on a small group, you helped me. You gave me some advice there, get some social proof. And people can view that before talking to me in strategy sessions. I guess, I'm probably getting better at talking to other people. And... If people get stressed then I'm kind of getting to the bottom of what is the root cause here? And what can we work out? How can we work out a solution? There's a lot of track record for you. You've done some really good stuff. And I thought that you could do that for me. And I think I'm right. So I guess my experience is just starting out pretty much from nothing. You're very helpful in that. So you've got a great wealth of stuff that wealth of knowledge that is definitely useful to anyone doing that. I was okay with jobs, but not in business. So getting started with business. Yeah, there's a lot that I learned from you-

  • Yeah.

  • and I'm still learning. You don't get to work on as many projects as you think your career kind of goes quickly. So don't wait. There's never gonna be a good time. There's just make it happen now. Yeah there's just so much you can do but if you don't get started, then you're never gonna do it and you'll just regret not doing it. There's just so much growth that can happen from having a business like personal develop and money and so many options that I think it's so worth it.

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