Student ReviewViktor J.

Non Artist · United States

  • Hey everyone, Harry here today. I have Viktor J. We're gonna be talking about how in about two months Viktor went from having no clients, not knowing how to do high ticket sales, to having eight clients and making $80,000 in sales in just a little over two months.

  • So the first month I got my first client and that was fantastic. That was exciting to say the least. So I got the first client. I had a good number of strategy sessions, I think, 10 or 11. And then since then have also done really well. So I got like three clients last month and then four this month. So I really liked that pace. So that's pretty much it. So it's just good momentums, like the first one it's just nice exponential growth. So that first month like it's a lot of foundational work, fundamental stuff and then now it's just taken off and it's off to the races. And it's almost like I need to like slow it down. Like I wanna grow too fast at this point. Like I wanna make sure everything's on point. Everything's fantastic. Students are successful. So that's really... So it's a good problem to have, let's put it that way. So like from month one to month two I got a lot more case studies and success stories. So like the first month I think I was working off of one or two and now I'm up to nine. So it was that. And then just refining my sales skills. So that was really helpful. So we worked on that quite a bit. So just little tweaks here and there. I had a lot of like little phrases and little ticks that I'm still working on just to improve my sales skills. So I'm getting there, I'm improving but there's that big shift. And I still have a ways to go, don't get me wrong. Like I'm not anywhere near perfect but I'm on that improvement curve. I think it's those two things. So it's the case studies, it's the sales skills. I think the third thing just generally with all this stuff is there's just general momentum. I mean, we talk about the flywheel quite a bit so it is getting easier, which is fantastic. And that's a good indicator. Like if you're doing things wrong, then it's gonna be harder and harder. But if you're doing things as you should becomes easier and easier. So that's what I'm seeing, where it's just easier to get quick chances. It's usually to get strategy sessions, easier to get closes in sales. So that I've had good success. Like so nine case studies, seven or eight signups and then more.

  • 80,000 in sales

  • 80,000 in sales. Right. That feels good. That's good. I can't be mad at that, but I do wanna help these folks out. So that's part of the, that's the main driver for me. So you didn't know that but before we hopped on the call, I was like, yep, I'm in whenever, he'll take me through whatever script or whatever he has to take me through. I'm just gonna say yes at the end. It's just that exponential curve. Like you wanna get started ASAP. So if you get started like the best time to get started is today because of where you'll be on the exponential curve like where you'll be in a month, where you'll be in a year. So you wanna get started ASAP 'cause it's just gonna compound and really grow from there. So the more you delay, the more you hurt yourself, honestly.

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