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Non Artist · United States

  • Hey everybody, Harry Whelchel here today. I have Viktor J., and we're gonna be talking about how Viktor had his first 11 strategy sessions and brought on his first client in about 30 days.

  • I do a lot of real estate flipping at night. I realized eventually, like, I want to teach this stuff. I wanna teach others how to do it. And I thought I would make sense like to do a low level, a low ticket course. So I started selling at $97. I wanted to make it super accessible. I wanted to get a lot of people in there. And then I was frustrated like, oh why aren't these people buying? Like, it's a great price, but they just weren't really sold. And it was just kind of random. They're just spammy. So it just didn't work. My thought was okay, well I need social proof. I need testimonials. So I put a post in this mutual Facebook group that you and I have saying like, oh what's a good software for like collecting testimonial. And then someone tagged you like, oh you gotta talk to Harry. I'm like, okay, cool. And then I messaged you. And then we kind of went back and forth in Facebook messenger. And then like we hopped on a call that sounded good and kept on, giving me more things to think about like, Hey, you should do this and this and this and this. Before I was just, I don't wanna say shooting blindly, or shooting from the hip, I think is the phrase. We were just kind of random. I'd make it up on the fly every time. So I understood sales, but I didn't have like a definitive not even script like a definitive guide to follow. So that's like one takeaway like a definitive sales process that works for sure. Second thing is the power of social proof. Like those long form case study videos. That's what really warmed me up to you. I think the third thing is probably like the power of a tweak. So you're doing 90% of the things, right, But you forget one or two things, or even three things and it just nothing happens. So, with you, I went from zero to one, essentially. So, I went from never having done a strategy session to doing a strategy session. And so that was a big leap in and of itself. And then after getting that one, it was like, okay how do I get it consistently? So right now my goal is like five strategy sessions a week. And I'm hitting that consistently and predictably. So that makes it makes it a ton better. So yeah, I did 11 in the first 30 days of working with you. So that was pretty good. Yeah. Like I've had really good results. I'm looking to continue it. Definitely.

  • Yeah.

  • So I'd highly recommend others work with you, for sure. People who are already established and wanna take it to the next level. And then people who are like me, where they're starting at zero, they have something to teach, but they want to take it to, you know, from zero to one. So that's who I'd highly recommend work with you. There's a lot of value in what you teach above and beyond. It's highly recommended to take action just because like where you, where you are now if you start and where you'll be 30 days, if you start implementing now is gonna be a world of difference. And for me, it's paid off for sure. Work with Harry and like save yourself that time. Save yourself energy, save yourself, money, all that stuff and actually get results.

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