Student ReviewVigdís S.

Non Artist · Iceland

  • Hey everyone, Harry Whelchel here. Today, I've got Vigdís S. We're gonna be talking about how Vigdís made her first sale in the past two months in the destination wedding space, in the midst of all this crazy pandemic stuff going on, travel's been really down. Destination weddings have been down.

  • In the light of the COVID pandemic and so on. I really wanted to like use my time to do some marketing and try to like, you know, streamline the sales process go over the sale itself, my prices as well and how I could actually change my business model. So I, I would be able to make more profit. So, you know, in the wedding industry like packages are really common. And I think what you helped me like see was like that I don't necessarily need to do all these packages. It's rather like more about just finding out what people want. I think the biggest point for me was that you really just did get what I was saying. And I, I felt that you had an understanding how you could help me. And also I knew you had been helping other people that are in a similar industry that I am and that helped me as well to make confidence that you were the right person. I, I feel you like never left me just like without something I could work on. When I didn't understand how to do it like you still helped me, helped me to do it. So I think, I think that's what I needed. And that's why I'm happy with the service. Before this call, I, I just came from a, my first sales call like in two months. I actually signed up that client. Which I'm really happy about. It was like totally worth it. And, and it was what I needed. So now, now I'm confident on like adjusting it even more like as I go and get more sales calls. So go to Harry. If you need help with your business. When you really say that you can help them and you are willing to go all the way with them, take their business to their next level. That's what you are going to do.

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