Student ReviewStefan P.

Non Artist · United States

  • Hey everyone, my name is Harry Whelchel. I've got here Stefan P. with me, CEO of Subbly. We've been working together for the last couple of months. I just was pulling some data and it looks like the last 30 days we've gotten them 17 appointments. And in the last 60 days we've done 33 appointments.

  • When Harry and I connected, way back originally, we were doing literally nothing. It was just all pure product focus, some minor marketing activities. I clicked on your website and I read it and I was like, this guy gets it. That was the first thing that came to my mind, I was like, this guy understands it and that's somebody I want to work with, period. You know, where we are now is a testament for that natural progression. You know, it was an natural evolution from those initial conversations, we've been doing outreach, and the process itself is involved. Coming up with a structure, hypothesis, you know, a natural framework, and also a message that resonates with the audience. And also we even went through the process of finding an audience that we kind of didn't even know existed within our audience. The really big takeaway is not just sales opportunities. It's actually the learning. Where I am as an entrepreneur on my journey right now, I'm like a sponge. I feel like I'm back at school and I've learned so much from you. It shows that you care, I mean, that kind of goes without saying, but the fact is that you take the time to explain something and even push me. We've had some trial signups, we've had some verbal yeses from the ideal customers that we want to work with. I wouldn't recommend you because you're my secret weapon. No, I would recommend you, absolutely. I guess that that statement says it all. As I said, the big value point has been the insight and education. And for that alone, you can't really put a price on it 'cause you know this whole concept of R and D and putting yourself on courses, the cost is so astronomical in the long run and you're not really being held accountable, but you know working with somebody like you who cares has been extremely important and critical in making sure that we are marching forward 'cause you're invested in the results. And Harry knows his stuff, I'll tell you that guys.

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