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Non Artist · United States

  • Hey everybody, Harry Whelchel here today I've got Scott R. from Peak Prosper. We're gonna be talking about how Scott went from a thousand bucks a month to a little over 8,000 a month in sales. In his first 60 days of working with me.

  • I'd spent up until March of 2020 really building my business. I had a consulting and coaching arm to peak prosper, and I I built my business bank account up to a fairly stable place. And COVID-19 hit. And I, I coined the COVID collapse where just, I don't, I felt like clients weren't gonna buy anymore. People weren't responding to my message. Things weren't resonating anymore. And I found you, Harry. And at that point I was, I was doing about a thousand dollars a month in my business. I was like legit in a place of despair, man. Before we started working together on, on sales calls I would have my prospects try to pull the information out of me that they wanted to know so that I could position my offer in such a way that it was exactly what they wanted. And now I position it in such a way that it's, it just makes sense to them as a solution to solve their problem. I really have clarity around how I describe what I do and exactly what I do. And I didn't have that before. The quality of the calls has gone up significantly. Before we started working together I was at about a thousand dollars a month. I was going to shut my doors or this was gonna work. Emotionally, I felt really off center and that has all shifted 180 degrees. So I've recently done about $8,000 in coaching revenue. I did $16,000 in revenue in Q3. Now I have nine coaching clients and I've got three consulting projects. So like everything's changed man. To date I think I've made a hundred percent return. So I've 2x how much I spent on the program. So ultimately the reason that I decided to work with you is because I believed that it would work and it has worked, Harry. If you're looking to grow to 10K a month which is the path that I'm onto right now, work with Harry. If you're, if you're working to grow your business up to 30 or even 40K a month I would definitely entertain a conversation with Harry and apply the principles that he's built into his program because. Yeah, the power of the flywheel man is, I mean, it's immeasurable.

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