Student ReviewPreston Z.

Grief Art · United States

  • Hey, everyone, Harry here. Today I have Preston Z.. We're gonna be talking about how Preston went from zero to $7600 in sales in about 60 days with his commemorative grief art.

  • Tried a lotta different things, and I didn't want some rehash of what I'd seen before. And so, yeah, I came across you guys, and started really kinda researching you, and some of what you guys were doing, and I appreciated the approach. So my first end-to-end sale was awesome, because it gave, of course, validity to what I'm doing, but it also showed that like, okay, I understand the steps I went through to get this sale. And this is something else that I think appealed to me about what you were doing, is that it was a process that I could follow and then repeat, and there wasn't a mysteriousness behind it. There's actually like a lotta hard work involved, but if you do the hard work, and you do it enough, and then you keep track of it, and all that kinda stuff, you're gonna see results. But I think the training is really good, and once you go through that, you can go through different parts again and whatnot. I think if you're dedicated, and you're willing to get after it, you can see some really great results, in a short period of time, too, and in the long run. Most artists out there, if you're listening to this, and you've only ever valued yourself based on the size of the painting, then you could benefit from this tremendously. If you've been approaching the same thing for a while now, the same approach to your art practice, and you're just not seeing the results that you want, the longer you don't do something, you're leaving that much more opportunity, and money, on the table, and the ability to affect that, impact that many more people's lives in a positive way. So, yeah, definitely, today is the day to do it, right?

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