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Non Artist · United States

  • All right. Hey everybody, Harry Whelchel here. We've got Peter. He helps wedding photographers grow their business. We had a call a couple months ago but we just wanted to catch up, have a quick catch up call, and celebrate a couple of wins. So, Peter, what sort of wins are we celebrating today?

  • When we started working together, I was around 10K a month, then we grew up to 18, and most recently, we're at 35K a month now. The mindset work is honestly, it's funny, man. Every time I'm gonna go to the next level that's always the thing that does it. It really is. All this amazing stuff is happening but your mind plays tricks on you. And it'll tell you, no, that isn't actually... It'll just mess with you. And so, hammering that in every single morning with the affirmations and looking at images of happy clients, it just allowed for me to then when I started getting on calls with new prospects to just have that in my consciousness, it was like, "Dude, of course you wanna sign up!" Let's go, join the party. Look at what we're doing here. Literally like a day or two later, I did 12 grand in a day. More than I did in the whole 30 days prior to that, I did in one day. And that was a paradigm-shifting moment. And yeah, so I think it was just writing really good copy and having that mindset that came from doing the affirmations and also from just having such abundance of people to speak to. There's literally zero doubt in my mind that this business can go to a hundred grand a month or a million a month. And it just comes down to forging the right path, creating the plan, and then just executing on that. So I think your emphasis on proof and customer interviews, and how to leverage those assets is massive. It makes things so much easier for somebody to make a decision to move forward with you when they see that. When they see somebody else who looks like them, that's addressing all of their fears, all of their objections, all of their desires, and is putting their mind at ease. That's massive. So that has been a game changer for me and that's something that I'm doing more now than ever. It's a game changer, for sure.

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