Student ReviewPeter B.

Non Artist · United States

  • Hey everyone, Harry Whelchel here. Today, we've got Peter B. and we're going to be talking about how Peter added 8,000 in revenue profitably with Facebook ads and video testimonials in the last 30 days, even in the midst of the Corona outbreak.

  • I was growing my business organically, for the most part, through social media and it was going well, you know, but I knew that it could be better. And so when we started working together and you came to me and you were like, "Hey man, you know, have you ever thought "about using different video testimonials "as kind of assets in your funnel, "to help with the performance of the funnel?" And that made a ton of sense to me. I was like, "Yeah, man, I'm all yours. "Like, I definitely want to do that." Yeah, so the first thing we did was we got the video assets, like the video testimonials and customer interviews together. And that was huge. Like, that has been-- Having a process to do that, like a step by step process for gathering those assets, and how to do them and make them effective, that alone has made a massive impact. As soon as we started with the testimonials and the customer interviews and that system that we put in, everybody started showing up on the calls. Yeah, so it's really cool. You know, since we've started working together, we've added eight grand into monthly revenue for this month. And this is with all-- Again, you know, the whole coronavirus thing going on and, you know, so many businesses shutting down and people saying that, you know, nobody's doing business right now. And here we are just, you know, getting people signed up, making sales. Like, just added 8,000, like I said, in revenue. And I think it's directly tied to everything that we've done, you know, with the testimonials and just really kind of super-charging the funnel. If you aren't doing this stuff, like you need to do it, and do it with somebody who has a proven system, that has done it successfully, and yeah, it'll make you a lot of money. I think if you are a coach, you're a consultant, you sell online info products, courses, you're an agency owner, this is, you've got to do something like this, totally. And so don't wait, you know. Like, if you want to grow, if you want to get more clients, if you want to scale, don't let the time pass you by, just get after it, you know, and you'll see the results.

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