Student ReviewPedro C.

Non Artist · Portugal

  • Hey, everybody, Harry Whelchel here. Today I have Pedro C. We're gonna be talking about how Pedro went from about 10,000 a month to 26,000 a month in less than 30 days.

  • So I already had a few leads, I was just always confused of what to do next, and when we worked together, you told me, "Okay, let's focus on this. Then we have that fixed. Then do this afterwards."

  • Sure.

  • "Then you have that pillar fixed." Then once I noticed 30 days passed, and I have all those pillars, and now I just close clients. I just closed a bunch of clients in a row. So there were clients that I closed this month that I might have never thought... A couple of months ago, I would never have thought I would be able to close clients like those. Yeah, I just like to take a lot of action, and I don't like to be confused. I just like to focus on the action, and as you can see, I got results right away after knowing exactly what to do, because you help me, right? And then I saw, okay, this guy's doing amazing. I obviously know this guy is super-sharp. I really like that you were super-systematic. You got amazing results. You checked all the marks, so I had to go with you. When we jumped on a call, the exact pillars that you laid out were the exact ones that I already tried to figure out by myself. Previously I thought, "No way I'm gonna close the deal." I wouldn't even make it to a strategy session. And now it's just addressing the question properly, and they were just taking it, and I was closing them. So over the last few months I closed at around 15 to 20%, but now, I haven't measured it yet, but I closed so many clients in a row, and I still expect to close a couple more before the end of the month, that it probably stays at around at least 70, probably even 80. Now I just feel like I can keep doing the same things up until 50K. In the last 30 days, obviously I made the money back pretty much right away. It was super-easy to make the money back, because just by the end of the year alone, I'll be making, I don't know, dozens of times over the amount that I paid you. I know that you created something that really works for any type of niche, so I wouldn't recommend this to a particular type of niche. I think every culture consultant could use from this, could get amazing value out of this. Any type of culture consultant, I would recommend it to. One thing that I was excited about going with you is just investing even more, 'cause I know I get excited after investing in myself, right? 'Cause I have the clarity. So I just did it, and I like doing it.

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