Student ReviewOliver H.

Abstract · Switzerland

  • Hey everyone, Harry Whelchel here. Today I have Oliver, and we're gonna be talking about how Oliver generated 6,000 francs in sales, selling amazing abstract art in the last 30 days.

  • I started painting four years ago and I was looking for way how I can sell high priced art. I knew it was possible, but I was not really sure how? But I was actually looking for somebody who can help me to, with a system that I can use every day and can make sales with my art, with my passion every month for some good cash in my pocket. Of course, the calls I had with you, that were really into the detail, the sales script, working on the sales script, super powerful for me. Yeah, also you gave me... Like you told me what to do when I had a sales conversation the next day. Felt uncomfortable, but it was good because yesterday... Was it yesterday? Yes, yesterday, I sold a painting for this price which is way higher than I ever charged so far. And that was because of the conversation we had. It felt good. Yeah, all altogether it was 6,000. So I think I'm more confident. I know that I can do it. I know that I can work with somebody like you, who helps me, who gives me the tools and the systems that I can use to make more money. I believe you will really put as much time and effort into really help me. And in the end you really did. I mean, I really get got some good sales in actually more than I thought. I exceeded my goal, that the goal was way less and I'm way over it. I make money and I'm sure I will make more. I think it would help a lot of artists actually, because I don't think many artists do what we do. Many shy away from that and many looking more at ways to sell their art in an old school way kind of. So if you wanna do something, if you wanna make more money, now it's the time I really... There is no perfect time. The perfect time will never come. So, if you really feel you wanna make up more money, go for it now, yeah.

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