Student ReviewMichael G.

Graphite Mixed Media · Canada

  • Hey, everyone. Harry Whelchel here. Today, I have Michael G. and we're gonna be talking about how Michael went from $800 in monthly sales to over $9,000 in sales in about two months with his graphite mixed media artwork.

  • I'm realizing that I have these great relationships with these galleries but I'm given away 30%. I'm given away 40% in some deals that I have. And I wanna start to take that power and shift the economics back in my favor. You know, when I stumbled across you, it was more of a situation where I was trying to decide what to do. I was kind of in that stage of figuring out what do I wanna do? So, I was kind of in the valley of decision trying to take a look at these different options and figure out what was best for me. It is a huge deal because prior to this, most of my sales have come from collectors who are repeat. And so having the group there, having you there, it helps to address those blind spots. It helps to address sort of that anxiety that you might have around, "Okay, well, I don't know what to do next." You can actually, hey, there's some place to go where you can ask what to do next. So, there's never a real feeling like you're out there floating by yourself. I think one of the things that I give you credit for is that it's very straightforward and to the point and it doesn't take a ton of time. They were all impactful. But what I look for is, for me when you're working with someone, I look for the strength of the relationship. I would recommend it because, if those fundamental principles that I was talking about earlier that if you learn these things you just... In my mind I was as you said it. I'm thinking like, if someone teaches you how to fish you'll always know how to fish. You have to be motivated and self-disciplined as an artist. This is not gonna work for you if you're not serious. Had I not taken action, I'd still be there. Right, I'd still be there trying to figure out what to do. Taking action gives you the opportunity to actually learn and move towards results.

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