Student ReviewMarek R.

Non Artist · United States

  • Hey everyone, Harry Whelchel here. Today I have Marek R. from and we are gonna be talking about how Marek got his first five strategy sessions in 30 days.

  • Before I met you, I was doing more general coaching, I was focusing on men in the relationships. And I've had some great clients, I had some success, but it just wasn't very consistent. And so when I met you is that is one of the main benefits of working with you is making that realization that, hey, what I'm doing is too general. It's, you know, to keep doing what I'm doing, it's very ineffective and there's a lot of ways to, there's a lot of benefit to niching down. Because not only get me clients, but also help me to provide better service for the folks because now I can give him a more individual's program, rather than just the bits and pieces of general advice. One of my clients, and he mentioned you, and he said that you gave him some great success and he recommended me to link up with you. And then that's what we did. I think that the biggest thing is, you know, you asked me some tough questions, you know, and those are very uncomfortable questions, things about like my systems. It's, you know, it forced me to be real and honest. And obviously I didn't enjoy it, but it was exactly what I needed to to look at. Before I had an offer, and it was like, basic take it or leave it. And now with the sales script, I can, I'm in a much better position to understand exactly what the client wants and I can make adjustments to whether it's my content or my messaging to make sure that the offers is a better fit for my niche. The client acquisition part improved a lot. It gave me ownership because before, the way I did things it was basically like yes or no. And when it was a no, then it was disappointing. Whereas now, even if it's a no, I have a way to understand what I can do better next time. The number of quick calls and the sales calls is accelerating, so I definitely feel very comfortable about the quick calls and I'm better at picking the right people and having the right conversations. You really have good systems. You know, the systems that you have are very solid. And, you know, that's something that I really missed in my business. Now, you know, with your systems, I can surgically understand, hey, this isn't worth working, this is not worth working. And that gives tremendous power and helps me see more opportunities as I keep working in this niche. I think the things that you teach is, are very sustainable, regardless of what happens with this COVID-19 going forward. And it gives you flexibility to get more clients into your pipeline. So if you are, if you've been doing something and it's not getting results that you want, it's time to be honest and get the help that you need.

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