Student ReviewKhierstyn R.

Non Artist · United States

  • Hey everybody, Harry Whelchel here. Today, I have Khierstyn R., from We're going to be talking about how Khierstyn went from about a little less than 10,000 a month nearly in the midst of quarantine, down at that time, recovering back up to 28,500 in about 60 days.

  • I'm a huge believer in hiring coaches. Like, you pay for experience that will help fast-track your results, assuming you actually apply it and take action, right? Like, that's the caveat. It's not like, oh, hire Harry and everything's going to take off. Yeah, but you've got to put in the work. Before you, I was kind of all over the place figuring out what the offer is, why it would sell, how we should market, and why does it work? And I was very reactive with stuff. In the back of my mind, I always knew that-- I just felt like there's a disconnect between how are we so good at what we do, and get really awesome results, and I'm an influencer in the space. Why is it so hard to sell? And that's where you came in. So, it's a mix of I needed help with the sales process, just to help me commit to what the offers are, and not change my mind every five seconds. Ultimately, it comes down to you just helped flip the script for me, that organic advertising can actually be the best kind of marketing, and got me into a system that actually works for me. I was posting in a Facebook group being, like, "Guys, how do we do CBO for physical products or whatever?" And you replied and then you were just so helpful. And then I went to your profile and I was, like, ahh, he knows how to sell stuff. The first thing, when I started working with you, there was like an emphasis on, okay, how can we charge more? Okay, so I doubled my agency prices and literally within a week of doing that I booked three agency clients at that price. So like out of that, I booked about $70,000 worth of projects. In my affirmations every day, my next big milestone was 24,000 just climbing back after quarantine, and it took a couple months, but we did it. So yes, it's a solid investment. So if you're someone who has a great product of being a consultant and get people great results, but your client base so far has only been word of mouth because you're terrified, or maybe you just don't know how to go out and do other things, Harry would be a really great fit for you to be able to step into a marketing system that's going to help you get out of your comfort zone and teach you how to actually sell, if that's not a strong point of yours.

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