Student ReviewKeval S.

Non Artist · United Kingdom

  • Hey everybody, Harry Whelchel here. Today, I have Keval, from London, United Kingdom. And we're going to be talking about how Keval got his first high-ticket sale and client in about 45 days, all while in university as well, yourself studying.

  • I was just focusing on getting good grades to start, which was just a small element of the bigger picture. And I was trying to find clients, going through different means, but I didn't really have really that much direction. I didn't really know what works and what doesn't work. Every day I would wake up really early and just do as much as possible, and so Facebook would actually limit me, day in, day out, and just seeing no results. And then also seeing other people who are seeing results doing the same thing, I was, like, what am I doing wrong? Is it my niche? What is it? And I remember I went through your profile and you had loads of interviews, so I knew you'd helped tons of people see results. So then that's when we started getting in touch. So first it was hunting and farming, getting, building these relationships with people. Kind of how to do it, the way to, and also the sales scripts for me was really helpful. Kind of being able to go through how kind of to structure everything and speak correctly and convey the points in the best way possible; that really helped. I used the same process. So, it was still the same things you taught, just on a different platform, which was really good. We built the relationship and everything, and then I got them onto a call and followed your advice and everything, your sales scripts, which worked amazingly, and yeah, that's how I got the client. It was mainly the sales call. Just everything I would say, they would get more and more excited and willing to, like, really just get on board as soon as possible. I would say something and then another thing, and then they would be, like, "Oh my God, this is perfect." It felt amazing! Properly what an amazing experience, just knowing that I can provide a service, especially at this age, that is actually worth something and then someone would be willing to pay for it, which I never thought would be possible. Firstly, it was because I saw two testimonials of yours. It was Jali's, and I think Rhea's, and both of them were students working in the student niche, and I had never seen anyone working there and seen results, such amazing results. And through working with you, they saw amazing results. So I thought you kind of knew what you were doing and you had really good advice to offer. And, so, kind of that's what really sparked my interest with a consulting business and getting clients predictably and closing them. I would definitely recommend you. Because I remember before, I wasn't really sure about what to offer and what is kind of needed, but you gave me a lot of clarity on that, which is good, just to make the most progress as soon as possible and not waste any time, because they there's so much potential to learn and grow. And I just kind of wanted to make most of that opportunity as soon as possible.

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