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  • Hey everyone, Harry Whelchel here. Today, I've got Kelly G. from Dapper Codes. Today, we're gonna be talking about how Kelly added over $50,000 in revenue with the help of video testimonials.

  • So I was still pretty much, I think, fully indone for you. When we got started, I had kind of mentally started making the switch, but had not made the switch in the business at that point. And was realizing since we'd been in business for so long at this point, there were a lot of written testimonials, you know, where BBB A Plus certified, you know, we've got a lot of testimonials, but none of 'em are video. People really want the video. They're just what, there's not nothing that substitutes that, you know, we as a company, as Dapper Codes, are a superior brand, and we are very good at what we do. We have a lot of proof behind that and being able to put that proof into what is understood as viable, understood as valuable in our current market. It's not just necessary. It's without it, you're gonna not do well. Like it's one of those things that you just have to have. It's not a question anymore. I'd actually worked with a client, a fairly large client, that we went through the whole process of trying to get video testimonials and it was a complete nightmare. So we did build out our reviews page on the site, which is now part of the sales process, like I shared before of knowing when that deadline is, going ahead and sending it, making sure that they have access to that at vary key moments. It's all working together, but it definitely increases the buying power. Which can be seen in the client I just told you about that we sent them that link that, you know, if we're more than double who you're looking at, then that's a big deal. So what I really liked originally was A, the software, the concept because I had just come off of that project I told you about that it was such a nightmare of gathering all of them. I said, "This is needed, oh my gosh, this is needed." And that was really how I got kind of interested in what you were doing and then really stayed because you were really great about, you know, anything that this was kind of in the beginning of the software, I think. And we worked out a couple of different pieces and you were so on it of saying yes, that, yeah, we need to do that, we need to do that. And the turnaround was so quick and really benefited not only my clients being able to do the videos, but I think that the service itself and the product itself. But you have been, you know, you message you, you're right there, you wanna help, you wanna know how you can help, and it's really great. A, if you've gotten this far. Then you're interested and you've got, there's something on your mind that's saying, hey, like, I need video. It just it's not even a decision, it's just it has to happen and know that that has to be on your docket as a business owner. Working with your clients and getting the ability to have the assets to push new business over the fence 'cause you know your competitors are doing this. There's just, I think that this software and Harry specifically can help you get over that fence and really systemize your acquisition in a way that is productive-

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