Student ReviewKate P.

Portrait · Hong Kong

  • Hey everyone, Harry Whelchel here. Today, I have Kate P. And we're gonna be talking about how Kate sold an original piece of art for $3,000 in about a month working with me.

  • I had got into this thought process of oh, you know, I can never sell large pieces anymore. I dunno what happened. This isn't possible. I mean, it was really clear for me. Like, that was the truth. I had a big exhibition at the art center here in Hong Kong last year in November and I didn't sell one piece. So I saw you and I saw another client you'd worked with who was an artist. And he was, you know, having this kind of explosion in his success of selling pieces. And I was just like oh my God, what's going on here? I had a conversation with you and we literally went, you asked me some things like who have you sold to? What has that been like? And I actually had got people to buy commissions because I was so interested in their life and the things that were important to them. And that had been hugely fulfilling for me and for them. And I hadn't even really kinda captured that. But you captured that. As I've gone through the training with you and only like the first couple of weeks, I just got so blown away by how many people I have within my network that would love to buy something from me. I'm not even selling them. There's been so much more abundance come into my life since I started this. There's a few things I got my value already, a few of the interactions, the connection. I really believe we need to take actions to prove that we are not victims of circumstance, right? And your methodology is relatively simple to implement and simple to implement for the results that are available. Anything really is possible if they really take the action and you can unlock whatever that block is with them. You get in conversation with somebody else who can see the bigger picture of what you're doing and the potential as you did with me. And then suddenly that shift occurs and you know, that whole potential opens up.

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