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Non Artist · United Kingdom

  • Hey, everybody. Harry Whelchel, here. We are back with Jawad S. of Jawad helps international students in the UK land computing jobs on visa sponsorships, and we are back celebrating. In the second month working together, he landed two clients, 5,000 pounds total, and Jawad, thanks for coming back on to share more about some of these wins.

  • Yeah, so, June has been a really interesting month. It's been obviously a few weeks since we started working together at that time, and I was trying to really hone down on my sales process. So, we've got the Lead Gen sold. Lead Gen is no longer a struggle, which was a huge struggle for me before. The number of people messaging and who are genuinely interested has massively changed. The paradigm is a massive thing in this because before I used to think, "Oh, I'm only getting these types of people "and these types of leads who don't need help," but the way you look at it changes the way you behave with the niche, and then, the way you behave attracts the people who are right for you, who are serious, as you said, and got the budget and got the motivation as well. Monday, on the 22nd of June, was my birthday, and I closed two clients

  • happy birthday

  • on that day. So that was the best birthday present ever to make 5,000 pounds during that day, signing up two clients, and, at that point I knew that delivering the sale in this particular way is really the key because before it was like a huge bottleneck. I was doing a lot of strategy sessions, and no, no, no, no, no. The first thing that I realized that if I get two or three clients like this, every month, I am set. I'm making six figures in my business, and that's how easy it can be. I think the biggest thing for me is being part of the community, and we did have one-to-ones, and I really enjoyed our chats and conversations. We talked about so many valuable stuff. When I spoke to you, I was like this guy, he's done it for himself. These are the client results. That's what I want for myself. If you feel there's an issue in your business that you need to fix, then there's probably is, and people who have a business, they know it. It's like their child. You're trying to grow your business, and you know something's not working out, and you're on the fence whether to get help or not, definitely get help. There's no shame in getting help from people.

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