Student ReviewJason B.

Non Artist · United States

  • This is Harry Whelchel, I've got Jason B., founder of Consistent Cart here. Jason and I have been working together for the last four months and in that time, what did we do? We've increased the MMR by about 38% over that time.

  • Yeah, before we started working together I would say it was pretty chaotic to say the least. We were growing, which was great but I think I didn't know where to go next I couldn't figure out how to get past, we sort of hit this this barrier and we couldn't grow any more than that and then that's when we met. I think, you know one of the first things we did was just dive in and take a look at where the business is currently and try to get a feel for where is sort of the bottlenecks were and then aside from that we were able to dive into our customers and really figure out who was using the product, get to know our customers a lot more. I think that was one of the big things, while you're great at marketing, I think you're specifically well versed in SAS. So I think that's important because you know marketing for e-commerce is different than marketing a SAS product. So that's one thing and then I'd say the other thing is that you're able to switch context really quickly. So like I've seen you and I will like pair a program on something or we'll like, you know, code on something and then you'll very quickly be able to switch over into marketing and we'll be able to work on that together. You know, if you're an entrepreneur and you're looking to get a SAS business off the ground, you know, Harry's your guy like definitely. I think you can't really go wrong, you'll learn a lot, he'll push you and he'll keep you in check and make sure that you're doing the right things that you need to do to to grow your business.

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