Student ReviewFilipe G.

Non Artist · Portugal

  • Hey, everybody. Harry Whelchel here. Today I have Filipe G., and we're gonna be talking about how Filipe went from zero to 25,000 in sales in his first 70, what, 71 days working on this.

  • I've been online since 2015 with four years of pretty much struggle. When I say struggle, I say put in the work, the real work, hours and money. And finally, a couple of months ago, not even, what, two, not even three months, couple of months, when I found you is when we kind of went through different angles and I was able to figure out exactly what were the missing puzzle pieces. And today what I do online is I help business owners to increase the revenue predictably inside 90 days through a specific concept, which is the mirroring. Me and you were talking about the mirroring and somehow we end up putting that statement initially for high ticket sales reps, but then through the process and evolution of me as a coach, Harry, what happened was for the last four or five weeks, I have this broad people that deal with high ticket sales services and they all learned the mirroring concept, and that's what I did today, most of my time. You mirror the other person's words, so that allows the other person to kind of rethink what they said and go deeper and start explaining themselves. I mean, it's powerful. This works so well. It works. More you put in the work, not just random work, the work that, more you replicate the tasks that work for you, and I must say, those I learned with you. So more you repeat and replicate those same tasks, what happen is you start having a wave of data and that data is very powerful. It's truly powerful. As I'm receiving that data, Harry, what happened is I'm adapting to what I'm listening and processing, and certainly, I'm shifting gradually without even noticing from sales people to business owners. And if I'm still stuck on that, you know, what I thought was the niche, most probably, that exponential growth that happened the last eight weeks roughly would not happen. And that's what happened, honestly. What the main difference between that our first talk and now is literally the gradual shifting of myself within the market. I think what you do, because I'm still involved in the community, I see the new people coming in, I see you doing all the calls and all of that and the follow-up within the group and all of that stuff, so it's already, almost, what, what are we longest, maybe what, two months, eight, nine weeks, whatever the time is I've known you, you kept exactly the same. Do you know what I mean? Like, you got more clients in, because I see, and you kept the exact same. Anyone that doesn't know what to do, is really serious about becoming a successful coaching consultant, and does not really take that much time, it's actually short period of time, yeah, you are the guy to speak to.

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