Student ReviewFilipe G.

Non Artist · Portugal

  • Hey, everybody! Harry Whelchel here today. I have Filipe G. with me. We're gonna be talking about how Filipe went from zero to $5,700 a month in sales, in a little over 30 days.

  • I work with high ticket sales people, and I help them with their revenue and try to, you know, create a predictable way that they can increase revenue 20% or more. The offer itself came as a result of working with you. You kind of guide me towards that direction. That's what happened. As we start working together, then you came up with different angles. That's where everything started, and the shift started there. We found this very unique niche that it works. It just works. That was like, yeah, it changed everything. We all have been there, right? We all have been there. We know we have a skill that we can share, okay? We know this. But we don't know how to find the people that wants this help. So I start obviously looking for it, right? I say, "Okay, let me see if there's someone out there that maybe can help me out." But, it has to be very specific. I found this guy, and I listen and I was, "What you do?", whatever. And then, he told me that, "Listen, based on what you're looking for, 'cause you is very good on lead gen, right?" He provides lead gen. It's more like that. That's what I'm looking for. I need the con. I need the skill. I was looking for the skill. So, and he told me you. If I'm allowed to say his words, he said, "Now, the upcoming rising style in organic type of a formula is Harry, so maybe we should speak with him." And I reach out to you, say, "Hey Harry, listen, we should speak, you know? I wanna know what you do." And then we went to you on a chat, right? And on the chat, you gave me a couple of insights. I said, "Okay, this guy knows what he's doing." As we go along, your program is very clean. It's clean. It's easy to understand, and not just to understand but easy to apply. That's the first thing. The second thing was, as you go along with your clients, I'm talking about you, Harry. As you go along with your clients, you actually guiding them. The way you teach them, you are guiding them. The way you do, it's easy to follow. You gave me a couple of things. Say, "Try this, try that." I went, and then fire came up. When that fire came up, inside one week, I closed the first client. And inside, like, one and a half weeks, I closed the second client. And then, two weeks later, I closed the third client. The biggest thing out of all of this process, Harry, this is where I wanted to touch on is, man, is the world being predictable.

  • Predictable.

  • Like, things are going perfect. Like, predictable. Right now, I know, like, bringing another 10 or more clients in, it's just a matter of a time or my own effort, right? You just make it so simple that someone that has no clue what to do just follows, and has a perfect idea of what to do. And as you do it, as you follow the step one to the last step, as you follow, suddenly, boom, you close the client.

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