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Non Artist · United States

  • Hey everyone, Harry Whelchel here, today I have Evan F. from Unicorn Capital, and we're gonna be talking about how Evan added 60,000 in sales over the past two months, using a social proof driven sales process.

  • We had tried endlessly to get our clients to do video testimonials for us. We knew who had the stories to tell, and we tried to get them to do the video testimonials, and the worst is when they agree to it, and then we end up chasing, and chasing and chasing, and we still don't get it. So, it was just one of those sticking points, where like, I was looking around, I'm like, what do we do? How do we make this work? I had no idea really what you did before we connected, but once you explained to me what you did, I was just like, oh, man, you nailed it. The way that you weave the interviews, and all of the content together, in just every single touchpoint across the process, is enormous, and it's a mega value, and I've had clients reach out to me just saying, "Hey, I watched your video, and it's really awesome." I woke up to $30,000 in contracts, or payments on one day. On top of that, that's when this investor who I respect so highly, she came to me and said, "Listen, I watched through your case studies, and I think they're great, and I think you should do more." Can you give me more social proof than that? So 60k up, in over the course of 60 days. I mean, I was just sitting there thinking like, this is what I've been looking for, for the longest time, because I know what the ROI, what I thought it was gonna be, and guess what? Point proven, with the first guy who comes back saying, "Oh, by the way, can I give you more money?" I'm gonna say, I wholeheartedly recommend that anyone work with him. No, seriously though, yes, I do, but you have to be a very specific type of candidate, and just like the way that we try and get very, very specific in who we work with, if you're on the fence and you know that you need this, you really know.

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