Student ReviewDorit P.

Non Artist · United States

  • Hey everybody, Harry Whelchel here. Today I've got Dorit P., Dorit came on about 30 days ago. And in the last 30 days she brought on two new clients.

  • You know, I really started actively trying to, you know, add people to my group program in the new year. So January, 2020, and for some reason, I was having much more trouble than converting them to one to one. I wasn't converting people. Not only was I not converting people, I was just having trouble attracting people to talk to me. And I was just really confused and frustrated. I knew I had a really good product, albeit general, and I needed help. I was really stuck, actually. I saw posts of viewers that said, "Pam, I'm filling up with clients. If you wanna, you know, work with me or talk to me; do so now." So then immediately I did it. And now that I'm working with people and kind of following our new model, I'm seeing that we cut out so much fluff that I actually didn't think was fluff. That was amazing. Within a day, I had, you know, 30 comments from people who wanted to talk to me. And I had all these strategy sessions. And just out of that one post on Facebook, I got two new clients. Well, I think, you know, part of your coaching has to do around, like, what is it that people really want underneath it all? What do they really want? Whether or not they know it or say it. So one client, I had a sort of quick check and call with her the day after the strategy session. She wanted to think about it a little bit. I said, great, well, let's connect more this time. And I didn't know what she would say. I was actually thinking she might say no, but she said yes. And I was like, great! And the other client had given me a verbal yes, maybe five days before that. You know I actually, just quickly followed up with her after I had signed this other client and said, you know, if you'd like to move forward Monday, you know, let's kind of take care. Please take care of the invoice today. And she wrote back immediately and paid immediately. And I was like, wow! This is awesome! It's been very different, everything, my mindset, how I think about things. So you've made a tremendous impact in my life, in a very short time. And that's an incredible thing to be able to do. So thank you for that. Someone who's stuck in any aspect of their business, I think could benefit from working with you, and you're like a really good auto mechanic. So, I like to think that I'm a tough person to please when it comes to finding coaches, and I've had some extraordinary coaches in my life. I consider you one of them but you're really, you're just like that mechanic or that doctor that says "This is where the system is broken. And here's how I suggest we fix it. Here's how we can fix it." Yeah. It's really not a, you know, if someone's having trouble, they should work with you. That's how I see it.

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