Student ReviewCherie K.

Non Artist · United States

  • We've got Cherie K. from SnapMedTech here. We're just gonna talk a little bit about some work we've been doing for them.

  • Well, I'm CEO, as he said, of a company called SnapMedTech, which has a bunch of software products for the agency business. And we were having problems a little bit with just managing the HR force, even within our own team as far as taking call on weekends and answering all the hundreds of calls that come in every day and through the weekend and reached out to Harry to help us manage all the leads that were coming in because we were falling short on falling through on the leads that would come in. Some of the leads that would come in would just be when they were inquiring about our platform or how it works. And they were always the same three questions. You know, what is this? You know, how does it work? How to get started. And, you know, it seemed kind of silly to pay someone 15 $18 to sit out there on the phone answering the same three questions over again. Harry used intercom on our website to capture all the leads and they went straight. Most of them were answered automatically by the answers that were set up, that Harry put together for us. That helped us decrease the number of hours that we needed for our workers to be around the clock, answering the phone 24 hours a day and divert their attentions to bigger things like sales and marketing. So now that we're capturing every single person that lands on the website, it's really helped our business grow and also helped us manage who's handling what lead and not letting anything fall through the cracks. So that saved us already. If you think about... Well we had them working 12 hours on Saturday and Sunday. The 24 hours of overtime every single week. We were super happy with Harry. We initially had like a very short stint plan that was 30 days that keeps extending another 30 days and then another 30 days. So it's definitely something that will improve your profit margin significantly. You end up saving thousands of dollars way more. Technology can replace some of those HR headaches that you might encounter in your business.

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