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Non Artist · United States

  • Hey everybody, Harry Whelchel here today. I have Charlie P. back and we're just doing a quick update. So yeah, Charlie, let me turn it over to you. Like, what are you, what are we celebrating? What sort of updates do you have?

  • Yeah, Harry, got good news for you. So last month we actually hit 33 K, which was fantastic. That's a record for us in revenue. And then for this month, for the month of September we're on for, on pace for 45 K. I think the number one thing that really stands out to me, we implemented some pre-sales assets and social, in the form of social proof and client interviews, that have really really helped us move the needle in close rate and conversions and helped, allowed us to bring on more clients, help serve more clients. And I think with the help of Harry, with that, that's been a huge game changer for us, for sure. You know, even when I get feedback from that sales rep, he's like, man, that deal closed so easy. Cause you know, I asked him about the case studies and you know, they've clearly helped us for sure. So that, you know, thank you so much, Harry, for that. The client success has been great. They love the support that they're getting and we're definitely getting some big wins. I think something that you really harp on is simplification and just keeping things kind of as simple as possible and you know, having the most streamlined process possible and just taking out the fluff and that's something that I've taken from working together with you and I've implemented that. And that's something that we're working with, on now. Another big one, Harry was just working through, you know, I went through your mindset modules and just you know, having conversations with you on mindset, I think honestly has been, was really big on building my you know, my kind of CEO brand and like, you know, kind of how to think like a business owner. One other thing that comes to mind is, Harry, I know you think very like systematically and logically. And there's a way that when working with Harry, that he kind of takes, he's very good at like kind of, I don't know how to say this but like take the emotion out of things and just look at things from a logical picture and a rational picture. Harry, it's been amazing working together with you. If you're looking to optimize your offers or your services, get that marketing down and generate more strategy sessions or how to properly do strategy sessions, then a hundred percent, Harry's the person to talk to. If you feel like you're repeatedly banging your head against the wall and maybe you're feeling some burnout too, you know, Harry's really good at simplifying things and finding ways to like make things easier. So I think that that could be a game changer for you.

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