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  • Hey everyone, Harry Whelchel here. Today I have Charlie P. from Cardinal Thrive, and we're gonna be talking about how Charlie added 12,000 in revenue through organic methods in about 30 days with Vouch.

  • I knew the bottleneck in my business was in sales, and was on the sales process side of things. So, I was just looking for additional resources in that realm of how can I improve revenue, close rate, all those sales process metrics. You know, I figured it made sense to reach out to you. We went really in depth about what specifically we could do in my business to really move the needle, and to actually make progress in this stuff. That just really appealed to me, that in that initial conversation even before we even started working together, I felt like we had a clear path to success. And I just saw, I saw like, okay, Harry's got this path laid out exactly. And I was completely aligned with it. Without a doubt, the biggest needle mover that we did Harry, was redefining our offer and getting crystal clear on our core offer. And we were able to double the investment cost of that, the price of that offer. And simultaneously, while we were reconstructing or optimizing that offer, we were also working on the presales and social proof side of the business. And I posted those on Facebook Harry, and like, man, I've had more inbound leads in the past month and people reaching out to me than I've ever had. I'm really happy, like that's more than it has been. And I think that's gonna continue to increase. Yeah, people started reaching out. I mean, that was great. I mean, I could tell you guys just last month alone we brought in 12,000 in revenue. I'm excited cause I know that 12K just the start of where we're going. And to be clear guys, I mean, I have two deals pending right now right at the finish line for 6K each. That 12K could be 24K here, you know, pretty quick. I think you opened my eyes to seeing like a lot more potential. If anybody is looking for help on optimizing their sales process, on their presales process, on putting some systems in place, on how to get better in those areas, really recommend Harry. And also if you think that your offer could be improved then I would be talking to Harry, cause that that was a game changer. The ROI was, it was instant. So, it took a week or two and it just made drastic improvements to the business. So, I mean, if you guys are looking for swift improvement, swift action, I mean talk to Harry for sure.

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