Student ReviewBryce T.

Metalwork · United States

  • Hey, everyone, Harry Whelchel here. Today I have one of my clients, actually a consulting client of mine, named Bryce T. But we're here to talk about something that's related to art, actually, today. So we're gonna talk about how Bryce helped his relatives sell $5300 in sculptures just this weekend.

  • So, one thing that we started doing was I started using what Harry was talking about in some of our consulting programs that we've done together. Like how to go and identify who's a collector. How to go and identify what's the way to bridge that gap and talk to them. So it was like we sold $5300 on Sunday, and then from somebody from a previous fair, I was like, "Hey, we just sold a bunch of pieces. We only have this one left. Do you want this?" The person was like, "Can we do a quick call?" I showed him the piece the same I did at the art fair, and the person said, "Hey, let's buy this thing."

  • So it was actually 8300 in sales.

  • Yeah.

  • Recently.

  • In two days. Yeah. I would recommend you to other artists. I have actually recommended you to other artists. The amount of time that you're going to lose, and the frustration that you'll go through if you try and figure it all out yourself, when you've never run a business, or you've never sold things, and you're just used to just creating stuff, you might as well just pay the money, so you can start making the money back, almost like relatively immediately for a lot of the people joining the program now. It's just money. You're gonna get more of it. Just spend it, get the skills, build your art practice. That's why you should do it now. When I first started, I was so scared to invest money to work with you, 'cause I was just-

  • I remember. You were really nervous on the call .

  • Dude, I was freezing up, 'cause it was like, it wasn't about how much money it was. It was just the fact that it was like, "Am I going to be able to get this money back? 'Cause I've been trying so hard, and I don't know." But then looking back, it was like the only reason I was able to really sell the $8300 in two days was because of I joined this program-

  • The investment you made-

  • With this guy-

  • In yourself.

  • And it's like, you also showed me the money doesn't stop. So, I mean, I've collected more than six figures since we started working together and...

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