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In order to keep our student experience at the highest level possible, Unstarving Artists is by invitation only.

At the moment, we can only speak with people we feel we're in a great position to help. If you'd like to speak, please apply below and we will see if we are a good fit for your art practice.

See what we can do your art practice.
Ehab Omaro

“Please stop struggling and really start to think about the practical side of your art. How to promote yourself, how to stand out from other artists, how to sell your art, how to make a living out of it. Be mentored and find someone that can help you take your art to the next level.”

Ehab Omaro
Ehab Omaro
Commission Artist, The Netherlands
Napoleon Bonaparte

With Unstarving Artists you will be able to

Reprogram your brain for better execution and greater performance.

Discover your niche and target the deep-pocketed collectors inside.

Identify a market desire and harness it to create demand for your work.

See your art as a solution and have collectors scrambling to work with you.

Market & sell your artwork successfully. At higher rates. Again and again.

Generate a 6-figure profit. Share your art with the world. Make a difference.