Student ReviewValerie McKeehan

Floral Art · United States

  • Hey, Harry.

  • Hey, how's it going?

  • Pretty good, I am slowly chugging right along. Have another win to share. I actually closed the first commission.

  • Yeah.

  • So that feels really, really good. This was for, she wants two pieces and she went with 5,500.

  • She's paying 5,500?

  • 5,500, yeah, yeah. So that's like huge, huge, huge for me.

  • Yeah. I mean like, wasn't it just a few weeks ago you closed someone at 900?

  • Yes, that was the original.

  • And that was your first, you know, bigger sale.

  • Exactly.

  • And now all of a sudden you're at 5,500.

  • Yes. Yes. She wanted, yeah, she wins like a big piece and a smaller piece and she closed right on the call. Not even a thumbs up, thumbs down. She just was like, okay, yeah, sounds good. And so it was like that.

  • How's that feel?

  • Amazing, that's been keeping me going.

  • I hope you're realizing, there's just so much opportunity in your audience that you have, That, yeah. and waiting there.

  • Yes, exactly. It was definitely, that was, that was huge. And then after that I did another four at the 900. I think I said that in the Facebook, because I did the incentive base right off the bat. So yeah, so that's three closings right now, which feels amazing and I'm definitely feeling what this could be, which is really, really exciting.

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