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Non Artist · United States

  • Hey everyone, Harry Whelchel here today. I have Kelly R. with me and we're talking about how Kelly went from zero to 30,000 a month in sales in about eight months.

  • I am a classical musician by trade and I started my own studio privately a few years back but in the last 18 months or so I've started helping other people, initially totally by accident, to build their own studios. Isaac kind of mentioned to you, oh yeah, Kelly's been helping other musicians move their businesses online, and Harry goes, "Well, wait a second, why don't we talk about that? If you're already doing that, you know, what could that look like?" And that like, to be honest, at that time it like shook me to my core. I remember when we decided to work together, I got off and I balled, like I was just sobbing, 'cause I was like, I don't even know what I'm doing. Like we talked about this idea, but it's brand new and now like I'm shifting. And it was terrifying in a really, really good way. Like those were happy tears of do I really believe in myself enough to take this leap? And now it's not scary, now it's actually really exciting, and I'm proud of that. I mean, that's a huge part of what Harry's done for me, is helped build up that confidence and reassure me that it's not nearly as terrifying as it feels. By the way, it took me about six months to ever post on Facebook. And shockingly, when I posted on Facebook, I started getting more clients. It was crazy, I mean, I changed my cover photo. That was the first big deal, was like, Harry was like, you know what, "If we change the cover photo, what if we change the cover photo? Hey, what do you think about changing your cover photo?" And I like really, really was resistant to that. On like a Saturday afternoon I looked at Isaac. I was like, okay, today's the day, I'm just gonna do it. Whatever happens, happens. And then look, I made that first Facebook post. I just put up a... I took a selfie in my studio when I finally got to come back in person.

  • Yeah.

  • And I put up a big long, you know, explanation of what I'd done. My, you know, my story, and it got like 450 likes. And I had like 25 people in my inbox asking what I was doing. So consistently, I was doing about $30,000 into revenue in a month. Right now I'm working with about 30 active clients. Total in revenue generated this year at about 130,000, and so far about 110 of that has actually been collected. You know, my income this year has almost tripled, it's life changing, and to be able to hire and bring other people on, and delegate work, and that's something I've never been able to experience before. The other thing too, is I, just to be totally honest, I'm happier. I'm not stressed about income, I'm not even stressed about making sales. You did a really nice job of helping me get there on my own, and I felt very in control still. I still felt like I was making the decisions, but that I had someone to come and bounce ideas off that I really trusted. And also that had been where I am. And I think that's what's exciting, about you still working with you is that, you know, Harry's business is always several steps ahead of whatever I have going on. To have someone to coach you and to mentor you and to support those goals and also support the goals as they change. And if the problems get bigger, be able to help you through those too, it's really important. Everyone needs a mentor, whether they they know it yet or not. And it's important to have someone like you in this role in my life that I can come to when I need redirectional guidance.

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